Giorgi's Wedding Cakes

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far in advance of my wedding date should I schedule a cake consultation/tasting?

Once you have chosen a date and secured a reception site, give me a call and we can set up a time to meet for a cake consultation/tasting.

Do you allow walk-ins, or must I make an appointment?

As a full service wedding cake boutique, providing excellent customer service of the utmost importance, kitchen hours are by appointment only.  This allows me to give undivided attention during the consultation and cake tasting.  During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas, discuss your concerns ask any questions you may have regarding your wedding cake and sample some of the available flavors of cakes, fillings, and frosting.  Consultations generally last 45 minutes to one hour.  A cake consultation and tasting is complimentary.

I cannot decide on a cake design.  Can you help me?

If you are having trouble finding ideas, please browse through my cake gallery. During our consultation, I have photos of my cakes available for your review.  The internet and magazines are another great source for ideas. This advance preparation will make your consultation more productive allowing us to discuss the design styles you like or don't like.  Through this process, we will design a cake that is suited uniquely for you.

What should I bring with me to the consultation?

Bring your ideas, cake pictures from books, magazines, or the internet, color and/or fabric swatches, floral selections, your cake top ornament (if you are using one), and anything else that inspires your vision of your cake.  Your groom, mother, mother-in-law, maid of honor or trusted friend are welcome.  In addition, please bring contact information for your reception site and other vendors you will be using such as florist and wedding planner.

Do you make back up sheet cakes to the wedding cake?

No.  My love is in the creation of wedding cakes.  That is where my heart and soul is.  All the servings that you need for your guests will be in the creation of your tiered wedding cake.

If I order a wedding cake from you, can I get someone else to supply sheet cakes?

Giorgi's Wedding Cakes will not provide a wedding cake when cakes are provided by any other baker.  My reputation has been built on carefully crafted delicious cakes.  It would not be fair for your guests to think a cake from another source was provided by me.  So, therefore, Giorgi's Wedding Cakes will be the sole provider of all cake servings at your reception.  Failure to comply with this policy/agreement, will result in forfeiture of both the wedding cake and the full purchase price of the cake as paid by the customer, excluding deposits on cake stand.  Dessert buffets and displays of individual pastries are excluded.

Can I get more than one cake flavor/filling in my wedding cake.

Multiple cake and filling flavors can be requested at no extra charge.  A word of caution - your guests may want to sample more than one flavor of cake which can cause you to run short of cake if quantities have not been adjusted to account for this.

What is the standard serving size?  Who cuts the cake?

The standard wedding cake serving size is 1" X 2" by the cake height (approximately 4 1/2" to 5").  Generally, your caterer will cut the cake.  Some charge a fee for this service.  So be sure to ask.

What is rolled fondant?

Rolled fondant is a very sweet sugar dough-like icing.  It is rolled out like a pie crust and draped over a cake which has been first coated in butter cream icing.  This method has been used in Europe for many years.  It was introduced to the U.S. several years ago.

I love the look of the rolled fondant but does it taste good  I've heard it doesn't.

This is the main reason I do not use rolled fondant.  However, if you really like the look of rolled fondant, I can create a wedding cake for you that looks like rolled fondant, but it is butter cream icing.  Look in my Cake Gallery under "Rolled Fondant Look" and you will see photos of this style of decoration using butter cream.

Where do you deliver?

I deliver as far south as Petaluma.  As far north as Cloverdale.  As far west as Sebastopol/Forestville, and as far east as Kenwood and Sonoma depending upon my schedule and size of wedding cake.

When do you require payment and the final count?

50% of the total price of the wedding cake is due at the signing of the wedding cake contract.  This is required to secure your date and delivery time of your wedding cake.  The remaining balance due, the final count, and design decisions must be finalized one week prior to your wedding date.  After such time, no changes can be made to your order.

Do you accept major credit cards for payment?

No, I only accept your personal check, money order, or cash.

Why do I have to pay a security deposit on the equipment you supply with the cake?

This $75.00 security deposit will cover my replacement costs in the event the items are not returned to me.  Of course, I always prefer to promptly refund your security deposit with the return of the equipment rather than have to replace these items.  The responsibility of returning the items should be given to a reliable person. Remember, you will most likely still be on your honeymoon when the "Return by" date arrives.  A list of the items that need to be returned back to me will be provided to you.  It is also recommended that you discuss this with your caterer or the person who is cutting your cake; so they will know not to throw away these items.

Why are wedding cakes so expensive?

Scale and degree of difficulty are part of it.  It takes years and years of practice to achieve this beautiful work of art.  Work on a well crafted wedding cake can begin weeks in advance.  If you are using white chocolate or sugar paste flowers, they are intricately hand crafted, one petal at a time.  A highly skilled sugar artist will take great pains to mix colors to reflect the true beauty of nature.  Ingredients are scaled and mixed, lots and lots of ingredients.  Pounds of sugar, flour, many pounds of butter and dozens of fresh eggs.  Care must be taken to insure the structural integrity of each tier that it may support not only its own weight, but also the weight of the tiers above it.  Special formulas are necessary for the chemistry to work on larger tiers.

At home, you bake and frost one cake.  For a wedding cake many tiers must be iced with precision, with special pains taken to insure that each is finished in harmony with the others.  Every scallop must be identical, swags must be precisely measured to insure proper placement.  All icings must be flawlessly smooth.  Your baker also has a basic understand of structural engineering.  Four foot tall wedding cakes that serves 300 people are not magically held aloft by good intentions.  They are built using the same principals as skyscrapers.  In a building, it is called bearing pile construction.  In a cake, it is represented by the wood or plastic stakes in your cake.  Your baker knows where to place these "bearing piles" and how many are needed to evenly distribute the weight above.  At home, you place your cake on a pretty platter, but what would you do with a 16" diameter cake tier.  Custom cake boards must be either acquired or created.  

Getting your cake to the reception site is also a process.  It must be timed so that it is set up in advance of your guests arrival, but not so far in advance that it sits out too long.  The delivery person must be equipped to repair any possible mishap that might occur in transit.  Once on site, the professional will check the table for stability and level, and be prepared to fix any problem with the table.

A true professional has great confidence in their skills, but also remembers that while it may be one of many cakes to them, it is an incredibly special once in a lifetime cake for the bride.