Giorgi's Wedding Cakes

Square Cakes
All of these square design wedding cakes are $4.00 per serving.

            Swirls & Ribbons                             3-Dot Design & Flowers                 Ribbons & Grape Leaves
   3-Dot Design & Grape Leaves       Smooth Design & Fresh Flowers        Alternating Swirls & 3-Dot
        Swirls & Single Dot Design                          Swirls                                 Small Grapevine & 3-Dots
        Tear Drops & Ribbons                    Filigree & 3-Dot Design                     Ribbons & 3-Dot Design
     Fall Decorations & Ribbons                   Ribbons & Flowers                     Swirls & 3-Dot Design
       3-Dot Design & Fresh Flowers           Real Grapes & Flowers              3-Dot...Rolled Fondant "Look"                  

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Wine Country
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