Giorgi's Wedding Cakes
Something Different

Can't stand tradition?  Want to make a statement?  Express 
your dreams and desires through your wedding cake.

   Perfect for a Fall Wedding                Outdoor Garden Wedding                 Branches and Birds
 Rustic Cake on Tree Stump
                   Eiffel Tower                                         Paisley                                           Flower Power
                 Tiffany Blue                                         Stucco" Look"                                Fall Leaves
                   Castle Wedding Cake with Woodland Base served 150 guests
           Peacock Feathers                                Montana Cowboy                                     Gift Boxes
 Superman's Fortress of Solitude                     Circles & Dots                                       Pagoda
                 Strawberries                                            Seashells                                 Red Dots & Diamonds

Welcome to Giorgi's Wedding Cakes...

A home-based business located in 
Windsor, gateway to the
Wine Country
in Northern California