Giorgi's Wedding Cakes
Smooth Design

Sometimes, a smooth elegant design is all a Bride is looking for.  Add some flowers or a ribbon, and it is perfect for a Bride who wants a clean classic look with no frills.
These Smooth Design wedding cakes are $4.00 per serving.

       Ribbons & Lots of Roses                                  Six Tiers                         200 Servings Smooth Design
               125 Servings                                         275 Servings            
    Smooth & Small Grapevine                  Smooth & Fresh Flowers                Smooth & Flower Design
              150 Servings                                          125 Servings                                    150 Servings
         Smooth With Ribbons                      Garden Party Reception                  Pink Cake....Pink Flowers
                 100 Servings                                          150 Servings                                  150 Servings
Smooth Designs with Fresh Flowers
Three Inch Separation Between Tiers       Spiral Cake Stand                       Real Grapes & Flowers

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