Giorgi's Wedding Cakes
Grape Design

Pricing for these Grape Design Wedding Cakes is as follows:
All Buttercream decoration is $4.00 per serving
White Chocolate draping decoration is $4.50 per serving
Chocolate Ganache covered wedding cake is $4.50 per serving
This wedding cake served 125 guests.  There was a two inch separation between the tiers
which allowed for fresh flowers.
Buttercream rosettes and large grapes adorned this wedding cake.  This wedding cake served 150 guests.
Small Grapevine & Raspberries                 Small Grape Clusters                   Small Grapes & Filigree
                150 Servings                                         100 Servings                                 150 Servings
       Small Grapevine & 3-Dots           Small Lavender Grape Clusters     Deep Purple Grapes & Ribbon
             Two Tone Grapes  Pink White Chocolate Draping           Large Clusters of Grapes
           & Buttercream Roses                    Large Grapes & Leaves                   White Chocolate Leaves
                    75 Servings                                        75 Servings                                   150 Servings
       Large Clusters of Grapes                            Real Grapes                              Large Clusters of Grapes
            Buttercream Roses                      White Chocolate Draping                        Buttercream Roses
                 250 Servings                                       125 Servings                                           150 Servings
         Large Clusters of Grapes                      Small Grapevine                         Small Grapevine & Swirls
                  3-Dot Design                             Rolled Fondant "Look"                         Betty Boop Roses
        Large Clusters of Grapes               Large Clusters of Grapes                   Large Clusters of Grapes
        White Chocolate Draping               White Chocolate Draping             White Chocolate Grape Leaves
                   100 Servings                                      75 Servings                                   150 Servings
        Small Grape Clusters                      Rolled Fondant "Look"                     Large Clusters of Buttercream
              3-Dot Design                       Small Grapevine & 3-Dot Design                   Grapes and Roses
                125 Servings                                    150 Servings                                              200 Servings
Tiffany Blue & White Buttercream             Chocolate Ganache                      Small Grapevine & Swirls
             Grapes & Roses                        Grapes & Dipped Berries                             150 Servings
                200 Servings                                        75 Servings                                     

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